The Alchemist Encodes

Welcome, we’re The Alchemist Encodes, or TAE for short. Founded by Riven Skaye and lateinautumn, we’re but a humble fansubbing group that focuses on quality releases over quantity.

Our main focus is putting out high quality releases. That means we spend a lot more time and energy into a release, causing us to seemingly stall or starve our projects. Don’t worry though, we’ll release them eventually.
This also means that we don’t do seasonals. The pace required for that simply means having to make compromises we’re not willing to make. There’s other groups that do those, and we’d be happy to provide recommendations for seasonals over in our discord server.

Last but not least, we’re more than willing to help someone polish their skills, or to take in more staff to run projects with us. For information about our current projects, please take a look at the recruitment page.

We're sorry to inform you that our site is still under construction.
As such, some of the pages don't look that great yet. But we promise we'll try and finish them as soon as we can!